Shows/ fairs :


 2016  African American Museum

           In Philadelphia Exhibition, 

 2016  Harlem Properties Gallery ,New York, NY

 2015  Miami-art Bazel, Miami, FL

 2015  Castle Fitzjohns New York,NY

 2015  La Maison D’art 2014, New York,NY

 2014  Richard Beaver Gallery, New York,NY

 2014  Grey Dog Gallery 2014, New york,NY

 2013  Miami-art Bazel, Miami,FL 

 2013  Red Dot Art Fair,Miami, FL

 2013  Rawartist New York, NY 

 2014  Grey Dog Gallery, New York, NY

 2013  Red Alder Hedge Fund, New York, NY

 2013  Indiewalls Gallery, New York, NY

 2013  Motown To Def Jam

           Harlem At Strivers Gardens

           Gallery Art Crawl, New York, NY 

 2012  Edcspin And Everybody Paddles Gala, New York, NY

 2013  Global Language Project, New York, NY

 2011   2nd Annual Riverside Theatre

           Legacy To Promise Gala, New York, NY

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